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If you're not familiar with "Ko-fi" or "Patreon", they are the best things since when Twitter was awesome!

You give money to a person or organisation, and you support them to keep developing the things you love or you want them to keep making. But it is better than that! Sometimes I make custom stuff for people. A while a ago, I composed a Zheng Tune called "Dancing Abroad" for all my "Country Dancing" club frineds and supporters, and performed in the Lands Of Loyal Hotel annual event. 

Lifetime supporters are on Ko-fi as well.

Personally, I'm more excited to check my Ko-fi page than Twitter. Everyone I support is super high quality, and they don't post too much! So I don't waste any time!

Even if you don't support me on Ko-fi , go support someone! It is a lot of fun.  

Not Ko-fi or Patreon, but still awesome!

You can also choose to donate by Paypal - Donate by Paypal Page!

Really Old-School

Dundee, Scotland, UK. 

It may take me a few months to deposit a check.

Please do not send international money orders. Thanks!

If you don't include an email address, I probably won't send you a thank you letter... because I'm confused by the postal service.

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